Release Dates for 2015

Drum Roll Please!!!!

I am so excited for 2015 and can’t wait. Here are the tentative dates I have for the release of two books for my series:


Ana Be Still: Deathly Half-Bloods (Book Four) ~ January 27, 2015

In this book, you will get to meet Guile, Liesil, and Ghost as they help Ana and Eric with new obstacles thrown their way. They find them in a prison so it should be interesting. Also, Ana and the others are betrayed by one of their own.


For the People: To the Republic ~ March 2015

If you ever wanted to know more about the Zeniths and the north, now is your chance. Together in the north, Kira and Thatcher live a peaceful alternate life. Their life couldn’t be better. But does Kira even know that she once fought against them to protect the Nadirs? And what are they going to do when she finds out?


Books in the works:


Origami Princess

Cousin Drew


Another Update

Okay, so Ana Be Still is getting another makeover and will be re-released under my name as a self-published series. I won’t go into detail as to why, but it’s for the best. Book Four will be released at the beginning of 2015 and I will be posting a date in the upcoming months. I’m so excited at how it’s coming along and it’s pretty much finished. I have learned to let things “simmer” and “sit” and find myself changing things and adding parts that make the story better as a whole. So many new characters have been added and even more have been killed. I did kill off one character in Book Four but felt like readers would hate meJ So I’m saving “his” death for book five. Book Five is the ending of the series and of course, you can look forward to an ending worth waiting for!

I’m working on another series “Wings of Beasts” but will not release it until most of the series is complete. I hope and think you all will love it! I know I’m enjoying writing it.

I’m surprised by the reaction I’m getting from readers for Medieval Minds. Several have asked for a sequel or another and I respond the same. It was meant to be a stand-alone. If I do, which I’m not saying I will, but if I do write another book for Medieval Minds, it may be a spin-off to Emily and her little brother, or maybe Queen Victoria’s kingdom is being threatened by someone she brought to the group. Maybe someone from the All-Girl’s home that knew Jasmine. Hmmm… I don’t know.

Last but not least, For the People: To the Republic is amazing! Lots of action and can’t wait to release this bad boy! If you’ve been wondering what the Zenith’s world is like in greater detail, what their motives are, and what plans they have for the remaining Nadirs, then all your questions will be answered. Sadly, I’m thinking it’s going to be a lengthy finale. I have debated breaking it into two books or having it as a larger novel. So only time will tell. All I know, is Kira is ready for her vengeance. Will she get it?

First Chapter of Wings of Beasts: The Kold-Bloods


Two royal brothers fight alongside one another to once again conquer another planet. It is small. The sustainable life forms that have lived here for millennia can sustain no more. One of the brothers, the youngest of thirty-seven remaining children and their rulers’ favorite, takes his staff and thrusts one end of the sharpest blade into an innocent life form’s midsection. The now deceased disappears into bright red ashes.

    One of the creatures is overwhelmed with grief as he witnesses his own being viciously murdered or captured. It can’t contain itself and makes a sound, alarming the remaining of its kind to rally against Dorian and the other invaders of its planet. The colorful beings hear the call, and all flock to the vicinity of the leader. They leap rebelliously on Dorian, with the hopes of killing the leader and sending the rest of the invaders to surrender.

    Dorian’s older brother, Tarvos, watches as they cover him, weighing him down and attempting to bring him to his knees. Instead of aiding his brother, he stands back, anticipating the demise of the young arrogant prince. He knew this would happen someday, and a feeling of satisfaction makes him smile inside. To even see Dorian on bended knee would be a treat. Oh, how he will tell the others. Come on. Kill the bastard. He thinks to himself.

    The Vivadians cloak him entirely, cooling their bodies to a dangerous lower temperature to kill the great beast. Dorian never calls out for help, but can feel his body temperature drop rapidly. Instead, he flexes his shoulders, allowing his wings to make themselves visible. The sheer force, kills the creatures that thought they could kill the great prince.

    He stands erect, chest fully visible and soaking wet in coloration from the Vivadians.

    Those that witness the ferocious beast in action, finally surrender. They will be rounded up as slaves, agreeing to work, live, and die for their new masters, and protect them with their lives. Much as the requirement of pets.

    Dorian’s wings recede back into the confines of his shoulder blades as he walks towards Tarvos. “Feel free to make yourself useful at any time.” He shakes off the remaining sludge before other slaves bring him clean clothes, placing another black vest and shield over his chest.

     “I knew you didn’t need me, young brother,” Tarvos answers respectably, displeased with his brother’s survival. But he’d be a fool to expect anything less of the prince.

    As the two brothers look around at the piles of multi-colored ashes and all is silent, Dorian signals for his entire army to finish, so they can leave this planet.

    “You’ve done it again, young brother!” Tarvos ruffles Dorian’s jet-black hair.

    Both brothers are undeniably handsome, having tall, muscular statures, chiseled chins that are too perfect to believe, and piercing solid gray eyes that almost seem to radiate with enticement.

    “Get off, Tarvos,” Dorian chuckles, shoving him back playfully.

    Tarvos looks around derisively. “What shall become of this planet, eh? Another place of retreat for our family when they wish to get away?” He scans the area, noticing all the dust that blows. Everything on the planet is full of vibrant colors— the creatures, the plant life, even the air that blows has a mixture of crimson and lavender tint.

    Tarvos wipes his blade clean of the slimy, lavender blood that remains. “Poor bastards.”

    With one slight squeeze, the blade retracts back into its natural state. It is no more than half the size of a nightstick. “And another planet falls to the great Dorian A’Kraine!”

    Tarvos thrusts his now harmless staff into the air to celebrate his brother’s victory. The mass legion that aided in the victory, and was willing to give their lives for their imperial young master’s cause, stop to thrust their staffs in the air as well, hollering out a triumphant roar. They celebrate, mainly because, to have their name whispered as being among the brave mass of heroes who fought alongside the great Dorian A’Kraine will get much attention from the females. If they die, their memory will live on as having made the greatest sacrifice of them all.

    “What a dump.” Tarvos calls attention to the vivid planet, stepping on some poor soul’s ashes.

    Dorian scans his surroundings, looking at the planet unfulfilled, realizing the victory was too easy. The life forms were too peaceful. There was no true challenge, and so, no worthy opponent.

    Both brothers get inside their transport, feeling quite disappointed. With one touch, the air drifter transforms to a shimmering black shuttle, stretching out to appease the brothers’ lavish tastes.

    The enslaved driver wears a metallic, yet flashy, collar around his neck, and pushes a button to seal the door closed. The straps automatically wrap themselves securely around the royal passengers as the drifter holds precious cargo.

    Dorian leans back in a relaxed state, ready for the long trek home. He recalls the planets they have conquered before, and how, after seeing they were no match, let his legion of fierce warriors take it over with ease. He rides home, flipping through images of other planets or destinations on a clear device, hoping to find his next quest in a formidable time. The great galaxy is full of planets. Some as little as the smallest of islands, and some as large as the brothers’ homeland. As they cruise the galaxy returning home, Dorian continues, searching to reveal what his next challenge will be.

    Tarvos sits back, interlacing his fingers together behind his head and closes his eyes, having no care in the matter. He tags along with his younger brother so that he, too, can have his name whispered on the ladies’ lips. When it comes to the females, he has quite the sexual appetite. Tarvos begins to think about the great night he will have with all his female consorts. A sensual smile crawls on his lips and already he threatens to kill any Aubadian who breaks him from his thoughts as he gets into his own little world to think about how many Eclayvens he will allow to his room and further into his bed.

    Dorian flips past an image of a great green and blue planet with faint white surroundings, but quickly flips back, returning to the image. He narrows his eyes, staring intensely to study the data on the screen that is outlined in red, next the planet’s picture. He zooms in closer and closer, until he has reached the images from the planet’s satellites.

    When he started this trivial pursuit to conquer smaller planets, he was told that this great planet was never to be touched. That it was one of the most diverse and greatest planets of them all. To even attempt to conquer this world would mean an end to their own existence. However, it is this planet. This is the planet that he has set his eyes upon. This is the planet that will make or break their very existence. Therefore, as he looks upon the planet, he sees the very object that will destroy him if he does not take that chance. It will be his sole life’s work. His greatest challenge. If he is killed by the life forms that exist there, then it will be a death worth having. Aaah. This planet will be the one. It is the one. The planet that he will seek to conquer next. A planet called…Earth.

Rough Draft of Chapter One for Ana Be Still: Book Four

Chapter 1

What if dreams are supposed to mean something? What if dreams are warnings of things to come? What if dreams help us to see the future? What if…? What if…?

    In a field of freshly cut grass, a tall, proud man stands strong with his back towards me. The wind blows gently, cooling the warm summer air. He turns around to look at me as if I have distracted him from a deep thought. He’s clean shaven and handsome. His charming dark eyes stare at me intensely, and they slowly narrow as he squints them to get a better view. I’m not sure if he’s trying to figure me out, or the sun is too bright for his eyes. A smile slowly creeps across his face as he continues to stare. The distinguished stranger looks at me as if he has known me his whole life, and surely, I should know him as well. Maybe I should. After all, we do share the same features– jet black hair, brown eyes, but not all our features are the same. He has a commanding stance about him—like he could lead a courageous army into battle. A quality I lack. Yet something about him triggers a strong emotion. An overwhelming feeling that I do know this man! As if I have known him my whole life. And then it hits me hard, making tears start to form in my eyes and my bottom lip tremble. All kinds of emotions swell from within. Sadness, happiness, guilt, fear…love. Finally, I realize I know exactly who the man is that stands before me.


    He smiles showing his attractive, gentle side, and eyes as proud as the tallest of mountains.

    “Ana,” he responds.

    Even as he whispers my name, his deep voice commands attention. I try to put a location to his accent. It’s foreign, but still easy to understand. Immediately, I want to run to him. To hug him. To tell him I love him and meet him for the first time. But my feet remain planted firmly to the ground while guilt surrounds me. I swallow hard, getting ready to speak and break our awkward silence.

    “You’re upset with me. I couldn’t defeat Damien. I let him get away. He killed you and I couldn’t even avenge your death. Father, I…” He holds up one hand to silence me. His expression changes as he frowns in disappointment. “Father, I’m sorry I disappointed you,” I finish, lowering my head in shame.

    But the dark shadow he casts over me makes me look up as he appears right before me. He towers over me much like Damien, making fear sink in.

    “Is that what you think? That you’re a disappointment to me?” He gently takes my face in his surprisingly warm hands, making this moment feel too real. Our eyes meet, and with it, nothing but comfort. “Analisa, a father couldn’t be more proud. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter.” He smiles at me proudly.

    I return the smile, but something still worries me. I know my father’s time with me is limited.

    “But I don’t know how to kill Damien. I don’t even think I can defeat him.”

    “Ana, my child, whoever said it was you who had to defeat Damien?”

    “Then who?”

Ana Be Still Series Update

It is with no regrets that I announce the Ana Be Still Series will temporarily be unavailable for purchase. Gladly, I have signed the series over to a new publisher and it will be re-published under their name as publisher. I want to thank all the readers who are eagerly waiting for Book Four, which now should be finished this summer. This is a very exciting moment for me to be able to write and share my work with you, the readers. This will allow me to do what I love most, which is writing books that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

The publishing company I have signed with is based in the UK and has already designed several book covers for me like the For the People Series, Medieval Minds, and now the Ana Be Still Series! They also have designed my website headers, logo, and Facebook Banner.

I apologize if this causes any inconvenience, but I feel I have made a decision which is best for me in being an author. I will keep you posted on any updates of when the series will be re-released. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Plans for 2015

As of now, I’ve decided I’m not going to publish any more books this year. It’s a good thing. I’m going to continue to write and work on a few books that are listed under “Upcoming Books.” Since I’ve found a few Beta Readers, I would like to take the publishing process slower. I want to take time out for myself to just read for enjoyment. I plan on having at least two books finished by the end of this year. I really just want to set a later publishing date to give myself plenty of publishing time. I also plan on promoting more this year, so that will slow down my writing time. As usual, I have to thank all the readers with your wonderful emails, comments, and most importantly reviews. You keep me grounded and fuel my writing like crazy. I want to thank the Beta Readers who have been in my corner since the day I contacted them. I am so fortunate to have met you.

R. Holland

Thank You!

I realize in my books, that I don’t take the time to thank those who take time out of their day to write a review after reading one of my books. I don’t know if I will ever be able to thank them enough. As I look on Goodreads and Amazon at the slowly growing number of reviews, it really warms my heart to know I had enough of an effect on a reader for them to feel compelled to write a review. From the one star to the four and five star reviews, THANK YOU! I can never tell you how much it means to me. I appreciate your honest opinion and for taking the time to read my book, let alone leave a review. I hope in the future I will be able to thank you. Until then, I try to leave positive and uplifting messages on my Facebook Page: R. Holland. If you ever need words of encouragement or a smile, feel free to visit my page. Again, I thank you all.

Author R. Holland

Cousin Drew (New Adult Thriller)

Natalie’s aunt has decided to allow two foreign exchange students into her home. It’s Natalie’s job to help them get settled in. With limited English and everyone seeming to flock to her new cousins, Andrew and Meeka, it’s not exactly the popularity Natalie had in mind. But students start mysteriously missing or coming up dead. They seem to be the only students that have wronged Natalie. Is it coincidence? Or is there more to the foreign exchange students that Natalie is determined to find out?

The synopsis, cover, and book itself is a Work in Progress with an expected release date in 2015. I will keep you posted on any cover changes, chapters, and other important progress on this book.

Cousin Drew

Drum Roll Please!

Just received For the People: United We Stand back from the editor! As I make the changes, I must say I’m already thinking of how the third book in this series is going to go. Also, I’m very pleased with the list of edits she recommended.

The cover is coming along great as well. I can’t wait to show it off. I got the image from Dreamscape Covers and Gemma @Darkphreakarts is making the changes to it. I love my cover designer! She is amazing!

So, For the People: United We Stand will be published at the end of this month!!!