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Ana Be Still: Deathly Revelations (Book One)

What would you do if you woke up one morning and the world was changed, never to be the same again?

Analisa Still has just found out that everything she thought she knew about her life was a lie. To make matters worse, her parents have taken her to a compound for training. Total strangers seem to know more about who she is, what she is, and what she was born to do than she does. And someone at the compound wants her dead. When the compound is attacked and the world overrun with vampires (and something else), Ana is forced to team up with the unlikeliest of allies. Thinking her betrothed is dead, Ana soon falls in love with one of her vampire comrades all while vowing to kill the vampires that killed her sister.

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Ana Be Still: Deathly Desires (Book Two)

After finding out who really killed her sister, 19 year old Ana Still goes looking for revenge. With the help of her new love Simon, Ana looks for any information on her birth parents thinking this will help her defeat them. Ana and Simon soon have to team up with others to kill the creatures that lurk in the night and lust for Ana’s blood. When Ana realizes that someone close to her she once thought was dead is still alive, she must figure out if they will be a tremendous help or hindrance in getting her vengeance and ridding the world of the flesh-eating creatures.

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Ana Be Still: Deathly Decisions (Book Three)

What would you do if the one you love is taken from you? And another one you once loved is with you every step of the way to bring him back?

As Simon is taken and creatures continue to spread all over the globe, Ana and her team is forced to fight them off and reach Simon in time. But now, even the weather is working against them making their journey difficult. With Eric at her side and protecting her every step of the way, Ana is forced to deal with feelings once felt but never gone. When Ana and the group arrive at the White House, they soon realize everything is not as it seems and there is a traitor in the midst.

Either way:
Lives will be lost
Friendships will be made
Love will be restored
And of course, Vengeance will be had!

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Ana Be Still: Book Four Coming Summer 2015!!

(Sorry, I had to go back and rework the last two books of this series)


Medieval Minds

What would you do if you were offered a free trip to tour a medieval theme park for the week of Spring Break, and later found out you were going to be paid $1,000 dollars?

Victoria (Tori) Ginsen and her best friend Jasmine are given an offer from a beautiful dark stranger named Elizabeth to tour a place called Medieval Minds before it opens to the general public. Upon their completion of the tour they are going to be paid $1000 each. It’s an offer they can’t refuse.

And just like any high school graduates with nothing to lose and nothing to do for Spring Break, they decide to take the offer. For them $1000 each would really help with some bills. But Tori immediately notice something’s not right. From the night the bus arrives to pick them up, to the group of delinquents that gradually fill the bus, and the passing of drugs around, Tori knows this isn’t the normal vacation. Not to mention the dead girl in the back seat. But when they arrive, the life-like jousting tournaments and the look, feel, and smell of the place allow Tori to relax a little as she realizes this place actually exists. Sadly, the day soon turns sour as two more members of their group mysteriously die, and she’s certain that the death at the jousting tournament was real. Tori and the others soon find out that none of them are going home. Ever!

Insistent upon leaving and going home, a young handsome man named Daniel is able to convince her otherwise. Their love blossoms and their main goal is to keep each other safe. Finally she accepts that escaping is impossible, but trying to keep the rest of her group alive may be the biggest challenge of them all.

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For the People: Post-Secession


And this is just the beginning!

Excerpts from the book:

“They say the grass is greener on the other side. At least that’s what people think. But we know better. We know that any grass is better than no grass at all. That it represents something that lived there and stayed long enough to die there. But we know better. Therefore we keep to our own kind…to our own side. It was them who crossed the fence. They say the grass is greener on the other side…But we know better…it was them who crossed the fence…”

The world is divided between the high class and the low class. There is no in between. As the high class looks for the ultimate healthcare, they use the low class as their test subjects. They kidnap young Kiranda and her mother and kill her father. Big mistake! After Kiranda escapes the facility and returns to her world, she readies herself to go back for revenge. But first she has to find out her enemy’s weaknesses. They were told they don’t have any. While in the enemy territory, Kiranda finds an old friend she long thought was dead. Soon she will be forced to choose between the friend in their world and a friend in hers, all while trying to plan a way to bring the high class to their knees.

Post Secession(1) Cover Designed by


For the People: United We Stand

“It was them who crossed the fence.”

Defending her people and fighting back the Zeniths, has been a constant struggle for Kira and the Nadirs. Not to mention, keeping the two people she loves the most from killing each other. But now there is a new threat. The Zeniths have attacked their colony and are pushing back the fences! When Kira decides enough is enough, she realizes only when their numbers grow, will they be strong enough to fight for their land. Unfortunately, she discovers not all Nadirs are warm and welcoming in the “Deep South.” When keeping her people safe proves deadly, but uniting the Nadirs in the South becomes deadlier, Kira is forced to make some tough decisions.

All the while, deep and dark memories of the facility start to resurface. What did the doctor mean they have big plans for her? And what did he mean by, when she comes of age?

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