Another Update

Okay, so Ana Be Still is getting another makeover and will be re-released under my name as a self-published series. I won’t go into detail as to why, but it’s for the best. Book Four will be released at the beginning of 2015 and I will be posting a date in the upcoming months. I’m so excited at how it’s coming along and it’s pretty much finished. I have learned to let things “simmer” and “sit” and find myself changing things and adding parts that make the story better as a whole. So many new characters have been added and even more have been killed. I did kill off one character in Book Four but felt like readers would hate meJ So I’m saving “his” death for book five. Book Five is the ending of the series and of course, you can look forward to an ending worth waiting for!

I’m working on another series “Wings of Beasts” but will not release it until most of the series is complete. I hope and think you all will love it! I know I’m enjoying writing it.

I’m surprised by the reaction I’m getting from readers for Medieval Minds. Several have asked for a sequel or another and I respond the same. It was meant to be a stand-alone. If I do, which I’m not saying I will, but if I do write another book for Medieval Minds, it may be a spin-off to Emily and her little brother, or maybe Queen Victoria’s kingdom is being threatened by someone she brought to the group. Maybe someone from the All-Girl’s home that knew Jasmine. Hmmm… I don’t know.

Last but not least, For the People: To the Republic is amazing! Lots of action and can’t wait to release this bad boy! If you’ve been wondering what the Zenith’s world is like in greater detail, what their motives are, and what plans they have for the remaining Nadirs, then all your questions will be answered. Sadly, I’m thinking it’s going to be a lengthy finale. I have debated breaking it into two books or having it as a larger novel. So only time will tell. All I know, is Kira is ready for her vengeance. Will she get it?