Rough Draft of Chapter One for Ana Be Still: Book Four

Chapter 1

What if dreams are supposed to mean something? What if dreams are warnings of things to come? What if dreams help us to see the future? What if…? What if…?

    In a field of freshly cut grass, a tall, proud man stands strong with his back towards me. The wind blows gently, cooling the warm summer air. He turns around to look at me as if I have distracted him from a deep thought. He’s clean shaven and handsome. His charming dark eyes stare at me intensely, and they slowly narrow as he squints them to get a better view. I’m not sure if he’s trying to figure me out, or the sun is too bright for his eyes. A smile slowly creeps across his face as he continues to stare. The distinguished stranger looks at me as if he has known me his whole life, and surely, I should know him as well. Maybe I should. After all, we do share the same features– jet black hair, brown eyes, but not all our features are the same. He has a commanding stance about him—like he could lead a courageous army into battle. A quality I lack. Yet something about him triggers a strong emotion. An overwhelming feeling that I do know this man! As if I have known him my whole life. And then it hits me hard, making tears start to form in my eyes and my bottom lip tremble. All kinds of emotions swell from within. Sadness, happiness, guilt, fear…love. Finally, I realize I know exactly who the man is that stands before me.


    He smiles showing his attractive, gentle side, and eyes as proud as the tallest of mountains.

    “Ana,” he responds.

    Even as he whispers my name, his deep voice commands attention. I try to put a location to his accent. It’s foreign, but still easy to understand. Immediately, I want to run to him. To hug him. To tell him I love him and meet him for the first time. But my feet remain planted firmly to the ground while guilt surrounds me. I swallow hard, getting ready to speak and break our awkward silence.

    “You’re upset with me. I couldn’t defeat Damien. I let him get away. He killed you and I couldn’t even avenge your death. Father, I…” He holds up one hand to silence me. His expression changes as he frowns in disappointment. “Father, I’m sorry I disappointed you,” I finish, lowering my head in shame.

    But the dark shadow he casts over me makes me look up as he appears right before me. He towers over me much like Damien, making fear sink in.

    “Is that what you think? That you’re a disappointment to me?” He gently takes my face in his surprisingly warm hands, making this moment feel too real. Our eyes meet, and with it, nothing but comfort. “Analisa, a father couldn’t be more proud. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter.” He smiles at me proudly.

    I return the smile, but something still worries me. I know my father’s time with me is limited.

    “But I don’t know how to kill Damien. I don’t even think I can defeat him.”

    “Ana, my child, whoever said it was you who had to defeat Damien?”

    “Then who?”

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