Upcoming Books~

I am currently working on a few books.

Daddy, I’ll Save You (YA, Adventure, Thriller) Still in Progress and looking for a cover!

Medieval Minds (Adult, Thriller, Horror) Now Available!

Ana Be Still: Book Four (Adult, Zombie, Vampire, Thriller) Still in Progress

For the People: United We Stand  (Adult, SciFi, Action, Adventure) Available late April 2014!

If you haven’t noticed, I like to be a busy bee. It seems as though as soon as I finish one, two more ideas for books pop into my head. At the rate I’m going, I will be able to get them out to you sometime this year. If you would like to Beta Read for me or receive free copies of my work, please leave a comment and I will be happy to get it to you. I am always looking for honest opinions of my work and any way that I can improve. From the book cover to the last punctuation mark I would love to know your honest opinion. I have also made it my priority to personally respond to each and every review that I receive. I realize that you are taking time from your day to write your honest opinion about my books. From the bottom of my heart it is greatly appreciated!

Author R. Holland

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