Upcoming Books~

I am currently working on a few books.

Daddy, I’ll Save You (YA, Adventure, Thriller) Still in Progress and looking for a cover!

Medieval Minds (Adult, Thriller, Horror) Now Available!

Ana Be Still: Book Four (Adult, Zombie, Vampire, Thriller) Still in Progress

For the People: United We Stand  (Adult, SciFi, Action, Adventure) Available late April 2014!

If you haven’t noticed, I like to be a busy bee. It seems as though as soon as I finish one, two more ideas for books pop into my head. At the rate I’m going, I will be able to get them out to you sometime this year. If you would like to Beta Read for me or receive free copies of my work, please leave a comment and I will be happy to get it to you. I am always looking for honest opinions of my work and any way that I can improve. From the book cover to the last punctuation mark I would love to know your honest opinion. I have also made it my priority to personally respond to each and every review that I receive. I realize that you are taking time from your day to write your honest opinion about my books. From the bottom of my heart it is greatly appreciated!

Author R. Holland

Medieval Minds

Medieval Minds release date will be August 25th or sooner!

Cover Design by Gemma Newey @ www.darkphreakarts.co.uk

What would you do if you were offered a free trip to tour a medieval theme park for the week of Spring Break, and were going to be paid $1,000 dollars? Now, what would you do if you found out you had to stay there forever?


Victoria (Tori) Ginsen and her best friend Jasmine are given an offer from a beautiful dark stranger named Elizabeth to tour a place called Medieval Minds before it opens to the general public. Upon their completion of the tour they are going to be paid $1000 each. It’s an offer they can’t refuse.


And just like any high school graduates with nothing to lose and nothing to do for Spring Break, they decide to take the offer. For them $1000 each would really help with some bills. But Tori immediately notice something’s not right. From the night the bus arrives to pick them up, to the group of delinquents that gradually fill the bus, and the passing of drugs around, Tori knows this isn’t the normal vacation. Not to mention the dead girl in the back seat. But when they arrive, the life-like jousting tournaments and the look, feel and smell of the place allow Tori to relax a little as she realizes this place actually exists. Sadly, the day soon turns sour as two more members of their group mysteriously die, and she’s certain that the death at the jousting tournament was real.  Tori and the others soon find out that none of them are going home…Ever!


Insistent upon leaving and going home, a handsome young man named Daniel is able to convince Tori otherwise. Their love blossoms and their main goal is to keep each other safe. Finally she accepts that escaping is impossible, but trying to keep the rest of her group alive may be the biggest challenge of them all!