Here We Go!

Another day and I am editing or making the final changes on two books. It takes a lot of work and it is the hardest job in the writing process. I haven’t really done much promoting so I can’t say that promoting isn’t a lot of work either. I am so excited, because I am about to put a new book out for people to read. I am also having the cover of For the People: War of the Classes redone. It hasn’t been getting many sells, but I know it will take off once it has a new look and the second book is out. My goal was to get my books put into print but that hasn’t worked out so well. I really have put all of my work and energy into writing instead of getting them in print. Shame on me, I know. Now that I am almost done with Medieval Minds, I am yet again on the fence about whether or not to seek out a literary agent. I think it won’t happen with this book either. Sadly it will just have to be me and my self publishing. I like clicking the publish button too much on KDP. It’s so exciting! It’s almost like fishing and checking to see if you got a bite! I also can’t believe that I am on my fifth book and working on a sixth. seventh, and eighth! That’s crazy! But hopefully it will only mean great news for me in the near future. Well Here We Go as I soon publish another one of my books titled Medieval Minds. Check on this site for all the latest information and upcoming events.

Author R. Holland

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