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Facebook has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Nothing is perfect. And someone will always find a way to use something for their own personal interests. However, I must talk about a good advantage I had using Facebook here recently. I was interviewed on Atty’s Attic Blog last week and I must say it was pretty fun and very easy. I have been writing since December of 2012. So I guess that means I have been writing for a full 6 months now. I love every second of this! I told myself I would start trying to do more socializing and a little promoting while I am off for the summer. I have been writing, reading and trying to get myself up to date on the latest and most effective ways to self promote. I know word of mouth has been the most effective way so far but when work starts back I will have less time to figure things out and read books that would be helpful to getting my books more exposure. My interview was the first of many I intend to do and I will always make sure I continue to help other authors in any way I can.

I was a little skeptical at first. How much is it? What all do I have to do? What’s the catch? I asked myself all of these questions before I emailed Atty’s Attic with my interest to be interviewed. She was extremely pleasant to work with, made the process simple, and I know it’s something I’ll do again in the future. I liked the questions that were asked on Atty’s Attic Blog. The questions that were asked were more personal, so that the readers would get to know what kind of person I truly am. I must add that it was the website’s first interview also. I loved that I was a part of someone’s first venture. So I invite anyone that is considering whether or not they should be interviewed to try it. You will definitely like it and it can only help bring more exposure to your books and her site.

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