And Then There Was One…

I don’t know what I expected out of writing but I do remember how great it felt to share my love of words with the world. So as not to get my hopes up high, I told myself as long as I have someone to write for other than my family and friend (Yes I only have one friend that reads), then I would have a reason to write. I even told myself that as long as one stranger enjoyed my writing, that would be enough for me. Surprisingly I have more than one reader enjoying my books. How do I know they like them? Because the second and third book continue to sell at a constant pace. So far I have published four books and I am still in limbo whether or not I wish to attempt to seek out a literary agent. I have to look at the pros and cons and  trust in my gut. My biggest downfall is that I’m not the average 75,000 plus word writing author. So with that being said, I probably don’t even have a shot at getting an agent or publisher. But I definitely won’t let that stop me or slow me down. My books continue to hold their own compared to those same traditionally published 75,000 plus words books. But I would like to thank those readers that have stuck with me and the number of readers that continue to grow. ‘And then there was one’, is actually the total opposite. I set my goals low and watch as they steadily rise. I would also like to thank all of those that help promote and sell the books just by word of mouth. Truly thank you!

I would love to hear what you think about the characters and the books,  good or bad. Your opinion and voice is important to me and can only help me grow and improve as a writer. Feel free to leave comments or see how you can connect with me on my contact page.

R. Holland


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