Here We Go!

Another day and I am editing or making the final changes on two books. It takes a lot of work and it is the hardest job in the writing process. I haven’t really done much promoting so I can’t say that promoting isn’t a lot of work either. I am so excited, because I am about to put a new book out for people to read. I am also having the cover of For the People: War of the Classes redone. It hasn’t been getting many sells, but I know it will take off once it has a new look and the second book is out. My goal was to get my books put into print but that hasn’t worked out so well. I really have put all of my work and energy into writing instead of getting them in print. Shame on me, I know. Now that I am almost done with Medieval Minds, I am yet again on the fence about whether or not to seek out a literary agent. I think it won’t happen with this book either. Sadly it will just have to be me and my self publishing. I like clicking the publish button too much on KDP. It’s so exciting! It’s almost like fishing and checking to see if you got a bite! I also can’t believe that I am on my fifth book and working on a sixth. seventh, and eighth! That’s crazy! But hopefully it will only mean great news for me in the near future. Well Here We Go as I soon publish another one of my books titled Medieval Minds. Check on this site for all the latest information and upcoming events.

Author R. Holland


Okay guys Facebook is not my friend right now! Since I have decided to get on there a little bit more, I have had the opportunity to interact with many wonderful people. Most are authors just like myself. That’s the good news. The bad news is I have found two amazing book cover designers that do excellent work and have purchased a few book covers that I just had to have, because they made me think of thrilling stories to write. But wait there’s more…

That means that you get to look forward to not one, not two, not three, but six riveting books that will be coming your way in the future. I won’t tell you the details just yet but, I will stick with my horror genre, Sci Fi thrillers and I may just have two suspenseful action novels for you to look forward to. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I know that Ana Be Still Series would not be selling would it not have been for your purchases, downloads and reviews. What’s most important to me is what you think, so feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what you would like to read in the near future.

Also message me on Facebook if you are a fan or fellow author!

Author R. Holland

The Waiting Game~

For many months now and the entire month of June, I have been working on a project titled Medieval Minds. With this I hope to seek out a literary agent. I am so on the  fence with this because I know the only benefit to getting the interest of an agent is exposure. But from what I hear from other authors, is that it may only lead to heartbreak and disappointment. However, I was never one to listen, so I may try to see what it tastes like for myself. The worse thing they can do is say no, and then I’ll just get to self-publish and sell it like I always do. But I am the naïve one that still believes in that one in a million chance that may lead to something better. I’m not doing this for the money but only the hopes and dreams that one day I will be on a bestseller’s list and hopefully gain a fan or two.

I started this dream with no intentions but loved the way Best Selling Author looked on the cover of a book. It really said something about a person’s work. So that is my dream and I hope to reach it within two years. In December of 2012 I wrote and published my first novella. I made several mistakes but learned from each one. I ‘m sure I will make many more but it’s a part of life. It was a wonderful feeling to click the publish button, but now I have learned to play the waiting game. It is a game worth playing. I have spent countless hours reading on the do’s and don’ts and what people hate and what they like. In the six months, I have found a wonderful editor at an extremely fair price (and does excellent work by the way), an excellent cover artist that is working on a design for me as we speak and while I am patiently waiting for my editor to send me the manuscript I have found there are several things to do:

  • Post to my blog
  • Take a break
  • Read
  • Connect with People
  • Edit
  • Write, Write, Write

And many other things I already do in my daily life.

Writing is truly like a work of art. We as writers are artists. And a true artist has never rushed his masterpiece, but takes his time with every delicate stroke with detail and precision. With that being said, I know I will have to play the waiting game when I send off query letters to agents. There’s nothing wrong with having patience and allowing everything to take its course.

Author R. Holland

First Interview!

Facebook has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Nothing is perfect. And someone will always find a way to use something for their own personal interests. However, I must talk about a good advantage I had using Facebook here recently. I was interviewed on Atty’s Attic Blog last week and I must say it was pretty fun and very easy. I have been writing since December of 2012. So I guess that means I have been writing for a full 6 months now. I love every second of this! I told myself I would start trying to do more socializing and a little promoting while I am off for the summer. I have been writing, reading and trying to get myself up to date on the latest and most effective ways to self promote. I know word of mouth has been the most effective way so far but when work starts back I will have less time to figure things out and read books that would be helpful to getting my books more exposure. My interview was the first of many I intend to do and I will always make sure I continue to help other authors in any way I can.

I was a little skeptical at first. How much is it? What all do I have to do? What’s the catch? I asked myself all of these questions before I emailed Atty’s Attic with my interest to be interviewed. She was extremely pleasant to work with, made the process simple, and I know it’s something I’ll do again in the future. I liked the questions that were asked on Atty’s Attic Blog. The questions that were asked were more personal, so that the readers would get to know what kind of person I truly am. I must add that it was the website’s first interview also. I loved that I was a part of someone’s first venture. So I invite anyone that is considering whether or not they should be interviewed to try it. You will definitely like it and it can only help bring more exposure to your books and her site.

Check out Atty’s Attic at

Author R. Holland

And Then There Was One…

I don’t know what I expected out of writing but I do remember how great it felt to share my love of words with the world. So as not to get my hopes up high, I told myself as long as I have someone to write for other than my family and friend (Yes I only have one friend that reads), then I would have a reason to write. I even told myself that as long as one stranger enjoyed my writing, that would be enough for me. Surprisingly I have more than one reader enjoying my books. How do I know they like them? Because the second and third book continue to sell at a constant pace. So far I have published four books and I am still in limbo whether or not I wish to attempt to seek out a literary agent. I have to look at the pros and cons and  trust in my gut. My biggest downfall is that I’m not the average 75,000 plus word writing author. So with that being said, I probably don’t even have a shot at getting an agent or publisher. But I definitely won’t let that stop me or slow me down. My books continue to hold their own compared to those same traditionally published 75,000 plus words books. But I would like to thank those readers that have stuck with me and the number of readers that continue to grow. ‘And then there was one’, is actually the total opposite. I set my goals low and watch as they steadily rise. I would also like to thank all of those that help promote and sell the books just by word of mouth. Truly thank you!

I would love to hear what you think about the characters and the books,  good or bad. Your opinion and voice is important to me and can only help me grow and improve as a writer. Feel free to leave comments or see how you can connect with me on my contact page.

R. Holland